Enabling faster Switching of Resizing

As the Auto-Layout is super useful and can be find a lot of times in every design, I think interacting with layers to change their Resizing-Bahavior is kind of slow.

Using the property-panel on the top right is slow, so there are these new shortcuts: Double-clicking on the border of a layer to change to Hug contents, or changing to Fill container while Holding Alt.
I think a “real” keyboard-shortcut would not feel so fiddly, as you have to exactly click on the border of a layer here. Would be super cool to have something like this!

This problem comes up for me, as I often find myself in the situation of having a selection of layers, which Resizing-Behavior I want to change at once. This often happens after changing the Resizing-Bahavior of a parent layer. If I have a selection of multiple layers, I can’t click on the border - the Fill container and Hug contents shortcut won’t work here. So I have to use the layers panel. As this happens quite often it feels kind of slow.

What are your thoughts on that?

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