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Enable Assets search only for enabled libraries

Since a long time ago I have noticed that Figma allows you to search all your published components within the asset window of a file. The thing is that I want to search only within the localized assets of a file and not all. All other libraries are switched off, however, I still search across every file and this is really frustrating.

I initially believed that this was a bug that would be fixed, but 1 year later I see that nothing changed. I remember that Figma used to allow its users to search within different published libraries in a file - if they wanted to, not obligingly. Anyone else having the same issue and found any solution?


I am not sure if my problem is the same but it is frustrating and confusing to our designers as well, that they see components in search for libraries the have not enabled in a file. one would expect to see results for only the libraries that have been enabled.


I totally agree. For large orgs with many libraries, this is not only unhelpful, but anti-helpful. Search should search your local file and the enabled libraries only.

Maybe instead of “Showing results from all libraries” it should be a link with text “Show results from all libraries” that only shows results when you click the link.


I just posted a question about this. I totally agree. What’s the point in toggling a library if its components still appear in the search?

Jumping in to reiterate what the others said - this feature is not only not helpful, it’s harmful. I work in a large company with dozens of different design systems scattered across various organizations, and when people are working from my design system I need them to stay there because those are the things that have been built for them. It’s a toolbox, with very specific tools in it - if a designer doesn’t find what they need I can’t have them rummaging around in their neighbor’s toolbox, right?