Duplicated component set cannot be published to Library

Is this a bug?

My steps:

  1. Created a new component set by duplicating an existing and edeting that.

  2. The new component set show up under “local components” as expected.

  3. Team library list show the file as “Published and up to date”

  4. No changed to the component set triggers “Publish changes…”

  5. File is labeled “Current file has changes”, but Publish is disabled (unless I change any other component).

  6. If I copy the component to a new file. It is pasted as an instance, but it does not show up in the library list when I select it. All component variants and properties seem to work as expected.

  7. I have removed and republished the file to the library. No change.

If you encounter some kind of bug, you need to submit a bug report to the support team.

Issue solved.
I had unused properties. When removed, the component could be published.

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