Duplicate "main" component with no variants?

I’m trying to create copies of a “main” component (they used to be callled “master” components), but any way I duplicate them, I only get instances, not copies. However if I duplicate a component that has variants in it I get copies, not instances. I understand that it makes sense not to get instances of the component with variants, but why can’t I duplicate a main component with no variants and get copies?

Figma needs to introduce this feature with a keyboard shortcut or contextual menu option that will clone the current componet whether it’s got variants or not. (Edited as #share )

You can change the topic category to Share an idea so that anyone can vote for this idea.

In the meantime, you can use these methods:

Or find and use plugins with the appropriate functionality.

@tank666 Thank you for your reply, since I’m dealing with complex prototypes and design systems these solutions are not very friendly and quite time consuming, especially the first one, so I figured I was doing something wrong. I have edited the post so it can be voted. Thank you!

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