Draft file suddenly turned into view only


So I was editing a draft file and it suddenly turned into a view-only file. Although I am still the owner of the file I have no rights to edit it nor does the edit option show up on trying to share it.

Does anyone have any clue what happened?

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Are you using the free version of Figma? Because you can only have 3 private files.

@Ward_Meremans1 that’s very incorrect information.

Here is a similar issue, check if maybe something like this happened, and if not reach out to Figma support, the forum is not the place for such bugs.

Same thing just happened to me with two different drafts… :poop: :poop: :poop:

We are having an issue with a file too. I’ve shared with someone with Edit access, they started editing the file and now suddenly after rebooting Figma they can view-only but they are admin of the team

Not sure how to get them back to edit access as the permissions are set correctly to ‘admin’

I had an issue very similar to this, but in my case an icon with “Anonymous” appeared as well next to my user. This is really weird as I am the only one on the account, and I haven’t shared any of my files with anyone. However, the issue sort of fixed itself, the files are ok now… I did change my pass and enabled two factor authentication though…