Downloaded font not showing in desktop application

A downloaded font (I am an admin) is not showing up in Figma it works in all other applications! HELP!

Check this thread

Seems to be a known bug and might be related to the font installer needed for web (yep, might be also needed for the app) or the user fonts folder for the accounts used on your laptop. Try this two things:

  • Download the font installer
  • Install all the external fonts as an administrator for all the users (even if you are the only one on your computer)

Seems to be working for most users. If it doesn’t, there are other workarounds on the thread, but this should do the trick

With the new update, this bug has come back. I was able to get it to work (I don’t remember how). But last night I shutdown Figma and restarted my computer and this morning when logging on I’m getting the missing fonts dialogue.

Hey @Erin23 - I saw that you have a new ticket with support. I’ve asked the support team to review this as soon as possible, so they should be getting in touch soon.

Sorry for the continued font problems, and thank you for your patience!