Installed Fonts not working in Figma Desktop App

I’m encountering an issue with Figma’s desktop app, where it’s not recognizing any locally installed fonts on my machine. I’ve taken the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

Font Installation: I’ve verified that the fonts I want to use are correctly installed on my computer. Other applications like Photoshop and Illustrator can access these fonts without any issues.

Figma Version: I’m running the latest version of Figma to ensure compatibility.

Font Cache: I’ve cleared the font cache on my system to rule out any potential caching issues.

Font Licensing: The fonts I’m trying to use are licensed for desktop use, so licensing restrictions shouldn’t be the issue.

Computer Restart: I’ve restarted my computer multiple times to ensure that the fonts are properly loaded.

Despite all these efforts, Figma still doesn’t recognize the fonts. Is there a specific setting or workaround I’m missing, or is this a known issue with the Figma desktop app? Any guidance or assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I ran into the same problem on PC. Haven’t found a solution yet. No hardware or software was changed recently so I suspect it is a Figma error.

Same here. Constantly missing fonts

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Hi @Ritika ,
Hmm it sounds odd! We are not aware of this issue. Can you also try to uninstall and install again Figma?

For others who had similar issues, please also try these steps if this can help. Here the help center article:

If you’re still experiencing problems, please submit a bug report so we can investigate: here

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I just had a similar problem after importing a Sketch file. I had fonts that were installed on my Mac, and the Figma mac desktop app showed them as missing. I eventually discovered the problem was that the Sketch file font names did not have spaces. For instance, Figma didn’t recognise SFCompactDisplay, but I was able to update the ‘missing’ font using SF Compact Display.


I have such a problem… nothing helped. I uninstalled and installed again Figma twice

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I have the same problem - some fonts installed on MacOS are not appearing in the font menu in Figma. I tried restarting Figma to no avail.

The only thing I noticed is helping with this issue is reinstalling the specific font you need, but after you turn off your pc and start again tomorrow the same issue arises, so reinstall fonts again and again… Figma please fix


Having the same issue. Reinstalling the app and fonts is a hassle - macOS Sanoma 14.1. Please fix!

Came here for the same problem, while it detects font it doesn’t preview them correctly making it very hard to chose them. Thanks.

Very nice Figma! Good product quality! I can’t use fonts anymore :frowning:

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I’m facing the same problem here. Already reinstalled the app and it still doesn’t recognize the local fonts. Figma, please say something about this. Ty!

I have also tried to install Figma Agent Installer to work through the browser, but it still couldn’t recognize my local fonts. So right now it leaves me no choice but to abandon the app. What should I do instead? Please help to fix this. Ty

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Same problem on macOS Sanoma 14.1 in Figma Desktop app.

I had the same problem and tried the Font installer Figma Downloads | Web Design App for Desktops & Mobile. Apparently it’s only meant for viewing system fonts for Figma in the browser and not required for the desktop but installing it fixed the problem for me.


Thanks x million, @John_Murray1 , that fixed it for me as well! (I’m also using desktop, weird!? :woman_shrugging:t2:)

Using the Figma app and facing the same issue on my Mac. Figma won’t recognise the fonts installed locally on my mac.

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Thanks @John_Murray1 . Installing the Font installer solved the problem. Looks like the Figma app has got a bug cause the font installer is only needed if we work on browser to get the access to system fonts. But now that the desktop app won’t access the local fonts without the font installer that means there are some problem with the desktop app, especially for Mac users

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Same issue here. Any known fixes yet?


It worked after I installed the Font Installer and uninstall Figma from the other windows user. Then I closed and reopen Figma. Not sure whether the second step was necessary or I just needed to switch out from my windows account.