Download additional device frames for presenting prototypes

Hey folks,

Would like to raise my hand for additional device frames being needed, especially for Android - foldables and tablets.
To be clear, I am not referring to artboard sizes but rather the frames that appear when presenting prototypes.

Feels odd that we have a novelty frame for the Macintosh 128k :sweat_smile: before having one for the Galaxy Tab 10".

I realise this is similar to a previous request:
[More Android Mobile Device Frames needed (for presentation mode)](https://More Android Mobile Device Frames needed (for presentation mode))

But given custom ‘presentation’ sizes has been added since this post in 21’ (without device frame appearing) thought it was worth reiterating, I’d like to see the following:

• Ability to download frames (like plugins) as new ones become available (community can submit their own?)
• Ability to use a ‘generic’ or ‘agnostic’ device frame on custom sizes (that stretches to any size)
• Support for foldable (with an external switch between folded/unfolded) ? (nice to have)

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this along to our prototyping team for consideration.