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More Android Mobile Device Frames needed (for presentation mode)

At the moment it is only possible to view screens with viewport 360px with the Google Nexus 5X device in prototyping presentation mode. This device is quite old and has only 640px viewport height.

It would be nice to add custom devices or to have state of the art android devices with viewport 360px width to choose, for example Samsung Galaxy S21 (viewport 360 x 800px)

It’s crucial to have some fancy looking devices for management presentation or usability tests with customer. (Not everyone is designing for iPhones… :wink: )

To add to this, would love to see some desktop frames in presentation mode (ie. MacBook Pro). At the very least, a background image for the “Frame” defaults that are provided in Figma.

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For those who want a tip

Yes, I would also like to have more device frame presets. Possibly…

  • A list of many devices you can choose from and select what shows up in the frame dropdown for your project/team
  • A way to create your own custom frame dimensions

I’m just saying, Campaign Monitor does this really well for newsletter previews.