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Do Clients Need to Create an Account to View a File?

Hi All,

I’m new to Figma and have a couple questions.

  1. Do clients have to create a Figma account to view a file? Or is there another option.

  2. I have some design “scraps” on my canvas that I may need to use later. Can I share my Prototype/File without the client seeing my “scraps?” In other words, they would only see the Frames or Prototype (like when you share a Prototype in XD)?

Thank you for your time!


  1. No, they can view files without an account when you share the file with “anyone with the link can view” access.

  2. You can limit viewers to “view prototype only” on Professional plan. But when sharing the file you can’t limit them to view only portions of the file (e.g. only specific pages).

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Makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation!