Display HSL and HEX color values when using Eyedropper

Right now when using the eyedropper tool, the value of the color is displayed using the last mode that was used to apply color.

So if the last time we used HSL it would show HSL

If we need to see the HEX value, I have to make a random square, go to change color, switch the mode to HEX and then the next time we use the eyedropper it shows HSL values.

It would be so much better if both values were always displayed or at least if there was a keyboard shortcut to toggle the color modes between HEX and HSL (and probably others, but we don’t use the others often)

Please upvote if you’d like to see multiple color modes shown at the same time. It might also be useful in the color picker, I think Photoshop dose it that way, so changing colors in one mode automatically changes the other modes and you can see all at the same time.


I really thought this was a setting somewhere already :melting_face:

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