Display bug between build and Present mode


Can someone explain to me why the display of the texts in my list is not taken into account when I launch “present mode”?

The dropdown displayed is an instance of my main component

Thank you for your help

Thanks for your response but I don’t understand how to do that…

Is my way of creating a component is correct?

In your screenshot, I don’t see the structure of the variants in the “drop-down_list” component set.

Everything that is in the expanded variant should also be in the collapsed variant.

Please see the example file in this post: Text property does not work properly - dropdown menu - #9 by tank666.

Hoo yes, I think understand and my drop-down is now correct !

Here is my structure after reading the topic that you gave me
This is the best practice in my screenshot?

@tank666 Hi, thank you for your help, it works correctly :slight_smile: