Disable commenting for 'view only' access

We work in a large company with over 100k employees and have very strict rules on how to share content with clients. What we are missing are advanced sharing options for “only-view”. Sometimes, we want to share content as a ‘view-only link’ with the client to receive comments and feedback directly on the artboards. Other times, we want to share as a ‘view-only link’ but without the possibility for viewers to leave comments. This crucial option is currently unavailable for us, and it would be great if this feature could be added to the sharing options.
Thanks! :+1:


Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on “only view” access. We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration.

Don’t forget to also Vote up top, so we can get an accurate gauge of interest from the community.


Great idea! We need this feature as well!

Any movement here? It’s a really big problem for us