Different size when I paste the screenshot in window?

I still couldn’t figure out how to do this even I read the questions from community. It does not help to solve.

I would like to know if there is plugin to ease this problem?
Actual size is only 372459, but figma size is 462573, how figma processed though?

hii CP_Yeo. I found the solution. in SO Windows 11… if you have 2 or more monitors… You need to select the monitor with minimun resolution. (( for example I have a laptop (1920x1080pixels ) and a second monitor (4k, 3840 x2160pixels)

you need to select in Configuration of windows 11:
System > Display , the monitor with lower resolution (in my case is the laptop screen (1920x1080).
With this I solved my problem of different sizes when doing print screen and that it stuck in figma with different sizes. I hope you can solve it.

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@tank666 Hey Sir could you help me with this

How to set the page scale though?

See the following articles:

Under View → Interface Scale, you might have your Figma UI set to a bigger size, which will also make your designs bigger! I just had this issue myself.