45px font-size of figma aren't equal to 45px font-size of web?

  • I have taken screenshot from browser .The font plugin and the developer tool shows as font has 45 px of font size in browser .
  • As my screen resolution in windows 11 that shows 1920 X 1080 so I take frame of 1920 X 1080 .
  • After that when I paste the screenshot take from web browser of the design and fit to the frame (size of my laptop) .
  • While copying the design I find that 45 px in Figma aren’t equal to 45 px of screenshot take from web browser .

Why is that so ? Am I doing something wrong ?

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  • If you’re using the Figma Desktop app, what is the UI scale set in it (note that it’s the UI scale, not the canvas scale)?
  • If you’re using Figma in the browser, what page scale is set in the browser (note that it’s the page scale, not Figma’s canvas scale)?
  • What scale is set in the OS settings?

Also make sure you take a screenshot of the site when it was not scaled.


Under View → Interface Scale, you might have your Figma UI set to a bigger size, which will also make your designs bigger! I just had this issue myself and setting it to 100% fixed my scaling issues.

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