Dev mode pricing

Would anyone feels the same bout the dev mode pricing that is 35$ in an enterprise plan where you can have more than 75% of the available features useless when you have an operable design system?

@figma What would it cost to simply have the inspect working?

Frustrated about your direction. Hope massively people will not adopt it.


I agree with you and also created a similar topic giving the idea about a dev only seat. Because yes, most of the Editor/Full seats features are useless for them. Also, in my specific case we don’t want to give them the chance to edit anything of the design, only inspect it, but the Dev Mode is only available in the Editors seat?


To answeryou question ,there is a dev seat wich is in enterprise. It’s a new option alon side the Figma editor, the FigJam and the dev mode.

In enterprise the dev mode is 35$/month for A devs to be able to inspect a handhoff.

But not sure to understand why inspecting cost half of the full editor price and 7 times more expensive than FigJam…


Right, but maybe is better to have the option in pro too


I did a short math on this and it resulted in the following:
if we have 5 developers on our team and we have the Organisation subscription that will cost for us 5xDevelopers x $25/month = $1500/year.

This is ridiculously expensive for just seeing some sizes, padding and hexcodes etc.
Maybe this will be a reason to switch back to ADobe XD. lol.


Figma Dev mode is charged, the organizational version is $25/person/month, the enterprise version is $35/person/month, and the professional version does not have a dedicated dev seat, so you need to buy an editor seat. Moreover, the Properties panel has been cut a lot and is almost unusable.
This price is too expensive for a small team. According to our team of 5 people, $25512 is $1500 a year! Our boss is looking for an alternative that is compatible with Figma.


Agree. Just figured out the Dev Mode seat. If this will be billed that would a big big step back to use Figma and reason to look somewhere else (org of 100 ppl). Reason to search a good designer tool that includes AI to the fullest as well for a way better pricing.


I also agree. Maybe there should be some basic free mode where we can see at least the basic HTML elements - margin,padding,colors and borders.


I completely agree with you. What is more, I’ll explain my case. I’m a designer working with a developer in a single project, both of us with a free plan. I decided to pay a seat for the developer so he will keep the Dev Mode. When I do so, Figma ask me to select who of us will have de Dev Mode, and when I click on him, Figma converts me directly as a “view-only” member, so it forces me to pay for two seats if I want to edit. WHAT THE HELL?


I’m priced out. Hoping Zeplin plugin works as well

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Based on my understanding, you actually need to pay for a minimum of 10 full designer seats and 20 dev-mode seats to actually get onto the organization plan. If you have less than. that, you are forced to deal with providing full access to developers.

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plz bring inspect out of dev mode


Oke, it’s a stupid thing. Why are you forced to buy more seats if you have 1 (one) designer and 5 (five) developers on your team? It may be a moment to switch back to Adobe XD. Yes, its worst but it’s much cheaper!


It’s too expensive…stop!


For our team we want Dev mode only seats on our Professional plan. Because if we give a design seat with Design Editor permissions there’s always a chance that the developers will make unwanted changes to the design. Which is a very big issue.

Will I be able to set Design roles to “viewer-restricted” for Editor seats, but enable Dev Mode for them at the same time?


This is outrageously expensive, you shouldn’t have to pay at least 25$/month to see the spacing between elements. Unbelievable.


No, that’s what’s upsetting, there’s no split between design and development seats in the professional plan, only paid Figma seats allow you to see Dev-mode. This means that, if you want to give access to your developers, you are giving them full design access and paying for their seats as much as you are for your designers’.


I’m still trying hard to imagine how the Figma meeting where they approved all this changes was. So random, so inaccurate.


What happens if we have external developers who we share the design with. Do we have to pay for their seats? just so they can have DEV mode. Some have a paid subscription, but it is useless, we have to pay for them to access DEV mode. Figma is charging 2 times.

Makes no sense.


This makes no sense!
We have 2 editors seats and our designs are shared (view-only) among 7 others developers. Our cost would increase from $24 (2x Professional seats) to $310 (3x Minimum Organization seats $135 + 7 Dev seats $175).

If we had only 9 Professional seats, the cost would be $108. They would be enabled to see everything in Dev mode we could, but there’s no option to “block” their changes on Design mode? That’s ridiculous