Dark mode for FigJam

I work mainly during the night, my eyes are burning - DARK MODE PLEASE!


Adding support here. Light mode is a frustrating experience to work in with the glare hitting my other monitors :slight_smile:

Please, please, please add a dark mode.

Please add dark mode

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Yes, please add dark mode to FigJam, it is like staring at the sun.


Dark Mode Figjam Pls.

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As far as I’m concerned this product is completely unusable until dark mode is added.


That’s not a demand, that’s a need, pls give us a darkmode


Please gib dark mode, thank you.

Upvoting this. Biggest feature I need right now is being able to change the bg color in figjam to something that doesnt hurt my eyes.

Upvoting, figjam kills my eyes!!

Hey everyone who wants Dark Mode in FigJam.

Try Dark Reader chrome/firefox extension. Use the Filter mode.

Thank me later :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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We still need this!


This is Spongebob. He’s using FigJam at night. Big mistake. Poor Spongebob.


we’re still waiting :sob:

+1 2 years later . . . . :frowning_face: sigh

One of my clients (a developer) has complained the the white background hurts his eyes.


I keep having to work around the fixed background color because screen grabs get lost and the border option is awkward when some items need it and some don’t (“Ugh, now go back and add a border to everything…?”)

Hey All,

Thank you all for your feedback and interest in Dark Mode for FigJam! We’ll continue to monitor this thread and pass along feedback to the FigJam team for consideration.

Our developers prioritized getting Dark Mode for Figma launched last May 2022, which had +1K votes. In addition to your feedback and +1 replies, be sure to vote up top & spread the word! :point_up: :ballot_box:


+1 pleeeeease!!