Custom spacing in lists between paragraphs and between numbers/bullets and text


  1. list items should respect paragraph spacing
  2. padding on left/right of bullet should be editable
  3. color/shape of bullet should be editable

yes, exactly. Some of the other requests would be nice too but this simple addition should be bullets version 1.1.

Has this fix been prioritized yet? The workarounds to apply spacing are getting silly.

Hey All,

We heard your feedback and made an update to bulleted and numbered lists. You can now adjust the spacing between listed items in the type details panel. More info here:


thanks a lot for this update! This is so great. Thanks a lot.
I’ve noticed some inconsistencies at least on my end. Sometimes the “list spacing” doesn’t how up at all, and sometimes it does. I’ve tried to remove the bulletpoints and add them once again - but it doesn’t work. I cannot enable the “list spacing” property.
And in my case even when I have the “List spacing” and I’d like to change it, I can’t. After setting it to 10, 60 oder 100 nothing happens.

I’ve also tested the list specing on a empty canvas and there it seems to work. This is really odd.

i think I found the condition for this to happen.
So, if I copy paste a list, the “list spacing” doesn’t show up.

I have reported a but, but now I’m not sure if this really is one.
So it seems like you cannot set the spacing independently from you typography? I have to do the adjustment on my global text style. Which actually also makes sense.
I think I was just confused, because changing the decoration e.g. detached it from the global fontsize automatically. So I’ve expexted that this would happen for list spacing as well.

But you just have to know how it is intended to work.

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paragraph spacing is not working on bulleted text


This may sound crazy but my work around is to create an individual text box for each bullet point and use auto layout – that gives you a world of freedom.


It’s sad how right you are.

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