Custom shortcuts created in the MacOS sys preferences stopped working

The need for custom shortcuts remains:

In the meantime, I’ve been using the System Preferences of MacOS to create custom shortcuts:

Those shortcuts have stopped working a while ago.
This is important - it needs to be fixed.


I am having this issue too. Any solves for this?

Same here. Shortcuts that were created in. MacOS system preferences stopped working all of a sudden. I had the same issues as the original poster described; only some shortcuts would work. But the ones that did, worked consistently. But none of them work now.

It would be extremely helpful if these were to work again. I try to keep my shortcuts the same between all of my prototyping tools for faster workflows. This is a huge bummer.

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Same here, it’s the only application that overrides my system shortcuts.

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Same here.

It’s quite frustrating a user can’t determine set their own shortcuts anymore.

is this still an issue? should i even try?!