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Custom Keyboard Shortcut for Return To Instance

Would be amazing to have a keyboard shortcut for ‘Return To Instance’.

Long term solution:

  • Add as macOS menu item. We would then be able to create our own shortcut for it
  • Add as official native Figma keyboard shortcut

Unfortunately this is not there yet. I did find a workaround that can speed up your workflow by quite a bit though!


(For this example it does require that your Figma application window is sized somewhat similar in every session)

  • Download BetterTouchTool (paid app)
  • Create a new keyboard shortcut for Figma
  • Set the Trigger shortcut to your liking

Then as the output:

  1. Save Current Mouse Position
  2. Move Cursor to new mouse position, based on Bottom Center of Active Window (move cursor to the location of the Return To Instance button)
  3. Left Click
  4. Restore Saved Mouse Position

Other possibilities

This tool works so well that you do not even see the mouse changing position. It really feels like a normal keyboard shortcut and it has saved me so much time.

  • Similarly I created a shortcut to quickly jump to follow/view profile of another designer in the same file.
  • Also BTT allows you to create or reconfigure keyboard shortcuts for menu entries that for some reason are ignored when setting them in the regular Keyboard Shortcuts settings in System Preferences.

Game changer for me, until Figma allows for more solid support and flexibility for custom keyboard shortcuts. Give it a try.

01 return to instance

My settings in BTT (make sure to adjust to settings that match your particular screen):

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