Custom data on EffectStyle using setPluginData() not working when published

I’m using setPluginData() to add custom data on an EffectStyle. When a layer that has this style applied is selected, I can read this custom data when it’s a local style. But when I publish this style, and apply it to a layer in another document, getPluginData() shows up empty.

Is this a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

Steps to reproduce:

— Create a new Effect style
— Use setPluginData() to set custom info on that style
— Apply the style to a local node
— Read custom info from style linked to local node using figma.getStyleById(figma.currentPage.selection[0].effectStyleId).getPluginData() (this works)
— Publish the style as part of a library
— Enable the published library in another document
— Import and apply the style to a node in the second document
— Use getPluginData() to read custom info on the style applied in second document (this shows up empty)

I don’t think this is a bug, because the id of the local style is different from the id of the style from the library.

Local Style Id:


Style Id from the library:


Thanks, I see that now. So I guess figma.getStyleById() in the consuming doc references a style object in the document’s local scope. Which makes sense, because this object could have its own state until library updates are synced.

Then I suppose the bug here is that plugin data is not included when styles are imported/synced from library docs into consuming documents?