CTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN not working as it used to

I use ctrl + alt + up/down to rearrange items in an auto-layout, and to move them up/down the layer list. However, now recently it has also started changing the height.

ctrl + alt + up increases the height by 1px, as well as rearranges the item.

Is this a bug, a new setting or something else?

Can you not just simply move them with the arrow keys only. It works for me. Depending on the layout arrangement I can use the left an right arrows for horizontal aligned auto layouts and up and down arrows for vertical aligned auto layouts.

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Yes up/down (and left/right) work for auto layouts. But if I want to move layers up and down the layer list, ctrl+alt+up/down used to do this. It still does. But it now just changes the height by +/-1px.

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