Create variables instantly between two rows (like Figjam table)

Have you seen Figjam’s table? you can instantly add a new row between some rows. Now we have to go all the way down to click on the “add new variable” button and then move it to the proper group (or select the group and then hit the button).

This is frustrating, it could be good to have something like that in the variable menu. This helps especially when the window is expanded too much, and I don’t know why I keep hitting the “add new mode” button accidentally instead of “create a new variable” since my mind scans it first before the button down there (the button has no text and always makes me fill like yes this plus button is what I need!) and when I hit it, I see the price plan and it reminds me I didn’t buy the plan I needed… (which can be a good way for marketing and a bad way for actually working)…

What do you think?

I’ll bring this up one more time. I’m trying not to spam but, I still believe it’s a good idea and can speed up the process.

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