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Create one prototype across the pages in a file

Yes, I would expect cross page links to be embeddable in the components. So your master navigation components always have the right links to exactly the right artboard and transition settings within a different page.

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I really really need this feature! This is really the only thing making me hesitate to switch from Sketch to Figma. Creating one prototype for multiple product sections/features, while still maintaining file organization for easy navigation, is a must.


It will be really useful feature for big apps like online-bank whit lots of flows.
Or may be you can add into fig jam feature, when you can add multiple prototypes from multiple files and connect them into a big one or override part of prototype?

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This ask happened long before this thread started ~ July 17, 2018 at 12:32pm -

It would be great to have this soon because I’d like to show my team the desired experience for an extensive application, but a single file would be too larger.

So, it looks like I am going to use @Jono_Young suggestion. In addition, I am going to add those linked elements to a library, so I only have to create the links once and place them in my different mockups on the various pages.

Thank you @Jono_Young

And if anyone has a better idea, I am all ears.

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I see there is an option to cross links pages in the Figma Community previews, so it is possible, just not in the product yet.

When the features does arrive, it would be very useful if frames/components currently linked and then copied and pasted from one page to a new page resigned their links to the previous pages.

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@Jono_Young1, would you mind sharing a link here?

Migrating from Sketch/Craft to Figma now. Was totally expecting this to be a feature already, as it’s part of my current production style. I really hope it comes to Figma soon.

Ugh, how is this not a thing yet?

We’re forced to have 1 Figma page for ALL Shopify pages as viewed on Mobile, and another Figma page for Desktop.

But we would like to design with Responsive Design in mind, for mobile first:

  • one page for the main page
  • another page for collection page
  • another page for the product page
  • etc…

Surprised this still isn’t a feature in Figma yet.


If pages could be collected into folders and those pages could have the same setting, that could solve this issue.

Gosh this has more comments and related links than any other ticket I’ve seen. Please Figma can you do this?


Running into this issue on a project as well…would love to see this implemented.

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This is a critical feature for us – and I imagine for anyone making a prototype that’s more complicated than a weather app. e.g. I have a page for onboarding, and then want to show where it finally hands-off too… without duping a whole bunch of screens.