Create one prototype across the pages in a file

Still waiting… :guitar:


Getting closer and closer to a solution! Only issue with this is that the pages are still seperate. You can’t see all the flows for every page on the left side and if you want to restart a prototype, you can’t.

why in the world does this not work in the iPad app. Really annoying if you’re using Figma for prototyping mobile/other applications.

@Figma_Support see above

Hey @jody1,

Figma isn’t optimized for use on the iPad yet.

This is not just a feature for advanced users. I have been using Figma for less than 2 weeks and this is already show stopping. I am having to entirely segment different parts of my app with a ton of redundancy because this is missing. How did this not get implemented when the program was first made? This thread alone has existed since Jan 2021. Get it together Figma!


Bumping this.

How can we be expected to create organised enterprise level prototyping if it all has to be on the one page?


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+1 for this feature request. I would introduce a much-needed level of scalability in the way prototypes can be crafted.

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+1 from me too.

Request for prototype connection between pages

Hi @Sanjana_Dhakad ,
I merged your topic as other in the community have requested something similar. Do not also forget to vote up! :ballot_box:

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Im a bit amazed, that this isn’t a default feature. And @Figma… look at all these replies. Starting from 2021… and there hasn’t been any news around this topic. XD does this, Sketch does this, why doesn’t figma support this? It would be 1 additional dropdown to select a page. It isn’t rocket science. Im baffled… So many people wanting this… and nothing from Figma. Why does exists?

I Do agree

Figma, bro do it, it’s too hectic to play without this feature, so please consider adding this soon.

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Anyone else mentally preparing themself for Config 2023 to come and go, and we hear no news about this feature request?

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Patiently waiting for this.