Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files

2 years later and nothing done about that ! Figma we just want to organize our Drafts :pleading_face:

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After 771 likes and 140 replies… Figma, is it fair to ask where we are on this? The need for a better organizational structure isn’t going away, it’s only growing with time. Please give us subfolders. It’s so deeply weird that we can’t make subfolders. It’s not just an inconvenience - we’re structuring our teams and our projects around it, and these take time.


Yeah, reading Travis2’s comment, totally agree. Now 772, 141 replies.

I’ve come here looking to see if subfolders will be a thing, would find it super helpful for the design team to archive older project files etc

Figma- Subfolders are so important for our growing business and with the amount of clients we have. Is this something you foresee happening?

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Dear Figma team,

I love Figma, and I use it every single day. By product of that is that I created 100+ files (that every now and then I need to use again) and I believe other users have even more. So after a while finding files is honestly a mess. I use the favourites feature but that only helped me at the start, now I struggle every day to find what I need.

I am sure a simple solution like folders would fix this. Allowing us to group files into folders would help a lot. And Figma home screen would never look like a mess again XD

Please consider this idea, I am sure everyone will love this simple feature.

Thanks in advance,

Tin M.

Oh thanks for letting me know. I’m definitely voting on that one😉

Being able to add tags to files, just as you can add tags to Figma plugins, and have the application search using the tags to populate results has become a necessity.

Users need to search in Figma for files that have a specific tag, rather than relying on the title of the file. One file can apply to several different teams/tech stacks/backends/etc, so it is not possible to have it in different projects under different teams, and maintaining duplicate files is unrealistic at scale.

Folders or another organizing layer would be helpful, but I believe File Tagging is the most optimal way forward. Users can filter/sort/organize their own files with tags, and tags make searching more reliable and flexible without complicating the file name.

Was a Macromedia Fireworks forever then once owned by Adobe, then switched to Sketch for the next decade. While still love that product, can see the writing on the wall that the momentum behind Figma, especially with Adobe purchasing means eventually Figma maybe the best long term tool. The lack of folders for organization however, would be a non-starter at this point. The idea of in 2023 having only one level of folders (Projects), seems mystifying. Would need at least three levels of depth, but of course ideally there wouldn’t be a limitation. Hopefully by next year this will be resolved, when I give it another serious look.