Copy text from Prototype

Hi there!
On a daily basis, I make presentations and share them with the clients via the Figma prototype. It is really handy, cause you don’t need to resend numerous pdf files if something needs to be changed. Despite the convenience, it is one thing that bothers me — it is not possible to copy text from the prototype. I know that I can share the Figma file and the client can copy from there, but that is not so convenient cause usually, I don’t want to give access to the file itself.

I think it would be a great update to the Figma prototype if you could copy text from there.


yep, totally agree with this

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Yes, please. I’m making a portfolio on Figma and will share the prototype link to the company when I apply. It’d be nice if they can copy my contact info right from the prototype itself.

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Yes! I made a prototype for my company to maintain our brand standards/logo usage and it would be cool to be able to copy text (specifically hex codes) out of it.

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