Copy-paste Gradients

I should be able to copy-paste a gradient and retain all properties of that gradient (aka.: all colors within a gradient and its orientation). I know we can save gradients as styles, but sometimes we don’t want to have a gradient added to the library, but we want to use it in multiple places.

Please add this feature! Would save us lots of time.

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In Figma you can copy any fill.

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Have you tried copying properties using the shortcuts? (refer to video)

This is only works if copying the fill, not its properties.
The right shortcut would be " Cmd + Option + C " to copy all properties from the intended frame.

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If you only need to copy the gradient fill, why copy all the properties of the object?

Honestly, slick gradients have different fill layers to adjust lighting and you need to copy all properties like the one in the video to be able to have the whole scene.

“Cmd + C” only copies one fill layer, and you have to repeat the same step for as many fill layers as you have.

In addition, gradients are all about lighting! I often create gradients blended with Figma effects to achieve a radiant luminous ambiance.
The gradient in the image is composed of 8 distinct gradient fills, complemented by 11 effects (Shadows) all as “Frame 19” properties to optimize the lighting.

You can select multiple fills in the properties panel and copy them at once instead of individually.

The gradient is the fill, the shadow is the effect. In the title of this topic, the author mentioned that he wants to copy exactly the gradient, that is, the fill.