Control internal text padding or text wrapping for FigJam objects

Would like to be able to adjust the internal object padding for FigJam objects, or have some way to control the text wrapping behavior, or both. For example, if I’m using a diamond object to represent a yes/no decision in a flow chart, due to the internal padding of the object, a very small amount of text wraps in a rather ugly way (see screenshot below).

In this image above, for the left diamond, I wrote the text Logged In? directly into the object. As you can see, it wraps automatically. For diamond on the right, I added a text object on top of the diamond with the same text content and it appears as intended.

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God yes please, add this. Bain of my existence.

Agree with this! It’s a bit frustrating and if I’m running a workshop or something, I’ll just add a text box to a rectangle, like OP, to deal with the padding issue.
Maybe add like small, medium, large padding or padding that’s based on a text size percentage.

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