Context menu with trackpad not coming up in Beta

When I Control + click on my trackpad to bring up the context menu (normally right-click with a mouse), the menu does not come up in the Figma Beta release.

Is this setting activated in the Main menuPreferences?
And, by the way, this does not apply to interactive components.

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There is no main menu > preferences on Figma Beta, at least not on Mac. There is a “settings” menu, which has that option in Figma, but not on the Beta. Maybe that is just a Beta app limitation?

I couldn’t find a general feedback topic for Figma Beta anywhere, so I just picked one that seemed the most closely related…I hope it didn’t cause too much trouble logging it this way.

The Main menuPreferences exists in all files. You can find it on the toolbar in the editor.

I see. That was not showing up and then I restarted the Beta app and it re-appeared. That option is on and it appears that the context menu is working again. Must’ve been something else.

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