Constraints not showing for an auto layout frame

I looked on the forum for this existing topic and it said the top most object has to be a frame to see the constraints panel for it. However, I have this autolayout as a frame for the top level and I don’t get the constraints menu on the right hand side. Any ideas?

I should note what I’m trying to do is put the icon, the personal account/send text, and then the right arrow into an auto-layout frame which I can then set constraints to left and right to make it responsive. I made the three elements inside the frame (left, middle and right) auto layout frames themselves and then put them inside of an auto layout frame so they would flex with the width of the artboard but constraints isn’t working.

Hi @cyrezeraser
If you want to use the constrains panel (as shown below) you will need to remove the auto-layout on the frame

Auto-layout Frame don’t behave according to the constraints of a Frame but with its own heigh and width value :

Either you can

  • Remove the auto-layout from Frame 48095639 and then use the constraints panel to set left and right constraint
  • change the horizontal space between items in the Frame 48095639 (for auto so it will add space evenly between items)

Let me know if it helps

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Hey Haroll,

Im a little confused on how this works. I just tried putting an auto layout frame on two text layers I created.

It doesn’t show the constraints panel for these two layers being in an auto layout frame. The text layers aren’t in any other frames themselves, just in the parent frame they are nested in. Sometimes the constraints panel shows up and sometimes it doesn’t and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t show half the time.