Connect or embed FigJam files with Figma files

I just want to have a clean, editable flow diagram inside a Figma file sitting beside UI—without using a buggy plugin.

Please build - thanks!

There seems to be a huge demand for a connection between FigJam and Figma Design.

My need: I want a section from FigJam to appear in Figma Design. Basic view is fine, no edit options, but it has to be live-linked.

Context: We use FigJam for wider stakeholder collaboration and Figma for product design team. I currently want the collaborative and iterative user flows to appear as a section in Figma. Screenshots from FigJam are unsafe as the user flows change a lot. Switching between FigJam and Figma tabs are tedious. For Figma Design collaboration it’s more powerful to have relevant info in one place.

Solution ideas: A plugin which convert a FigJam section to an iFrame. Pasting it into Figma allows for live updates.

How do I get in contact with a developer to request this?

You can use this method:

I just started using FigJam and Figma today. I assumed that this would be an obvious two-click capability. I was quite surprised to find out it isn’t.