Conditional variant properties: disable certain options based on others

I’m working on a (large) design system that uses variants and properties extensively, and I’m finding that I frequently wish for the ability to add conditions to certain variant properties that would hide or disable them when other conditions are set.

For example, I’m working on a promo that has 3 levels (low, medium and high) of visual prominence for the content type ‘live’, but only 2 for the content type ‘standard’ (low and high).

If one of our users changes the visual prominence to ‘medium’ when ‘standard’ is selected, currently Figma will force the component to change to ‘live’ - which is confusing if the user doesn’t understand that this combination of properties doesn’t exist.

I think it would be better, and much easier to understand, if this option was hidden or disabled.

Unless anyone has any ideas on a better way to do this within the current constraints?

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