Conditional overlays display bug?

When I configure a conditional logic to display 2 different overlays, say:

Open OVERLAY A, “Move In” “Bottom Center”
*Else, *
Open Overlay B, “Move In” “Bottom Center”.

The 2nd overlay is systematically displayed in the “Center” of the frame, instead of at the “Bottom Center”, while the 1st one is displayed correctly.

A bug?

Hi @Mingxin do you happen to have an example file or video of this issue so we can take a closer look?

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your response. You can find here in the screenshots an example:

  • The objective is to show the “Good” overlay when the Option 1 (top left option) is chosen, and to show the “No” overlay in any other situation.

  • You can find in the screenshots 1 & 2 the conditional interaction configuration on the big next button in the frame: both overlays are configured and expected to be displayed at the “Bottom Center”.
    (BTW, it looks like there are 2 other problems here that are raised by other users recently: 1/ there is no way to make the 2 configurations different: when you configure the first overlay with “Bottom Center”, automatically the 2nd overlay is configured the same. The same reversely. 2/ you can’t do “manual” overlay settings to force a display position)

  • You can see in the screenshots 3 & 4 the results: the “Good” overlay is displayed correctly at “Bottom Center”, while the “No” overlay is “Centered”. And no matter how I change the configuration - delete / recreate / try 2 “if” conditions rather than 1 “if… else…”, the result is the same.

Hope this exemple could help for the analysis?


(as a new user I can only upload 1 image once here apparently…)

Hi @Ryan_52, any chance the problem could be solved? Thanks.

Hi @Mingxin thank you for clarifying that. It appears that you have encountered a bug that we are currently tracking. Our engineering team is actively investigating the issue to determine its root cause and working towards a solution.

Thank you Ryan for your feedback. Could you please kindly let me know once the problem is solved? Thanks!