Conditional "Change to" not working as expected


Wasn’t exactly sure how to tag this as it may be a question or feedback so bear with me.

I have a voting component which can be one of two variables inactive:

  • Inactive & Empty(String)
  • Inactive & Filled(Number)

But a single variable when active:

  • Active & Filled(Number)

My interactions:

  • Tap Inactive & EmptyChange to Active & Filled
  • Tap Inactive & FilledChange to Active & Filled +1
  • Tap Active & Filled (=1)Change to Inactive & Empty
  • Tap Active & Filled (>1)Change to Inactive & Filled -1

I’ve set two local variables #Vote Count = 0 & T Vote Count [Empty] = “Vote”.

Moving from inactive states to active state works fine for both cases, but returning to inactive state conditionally is where I’m running into issues.

Currently I have it set to TapChange to Inactive & Filled & Set Variable #Vote Count - 1. But attempting to add the conditional if #Vote Count is equal to 1 Change to Inactive & Empty is not allowed.

It will give me the option to do this, but attempting to toggle props does not work.

Any ideas?

Wanted to post an update if anyone is running into a similar issue,

A work around to get this to work as expected.

I’ve added a conditional to Inactive & Filled After Delay (1ms) IF #Vote Count = 0 Change to Inactive & Empty

I’m having a similar problem where I use a conditional on click inside my interactive component to check the value of a variable and change to a variant. I am able to select the Change To action, but the dropdown listing my variant options will not keep my selection.

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