Components from a file that doesn't exist anymore

I have some components in a file and I can’t delete or rename them. Also when I click “Go to main component in library” it takes me to an old file and asks me if I want to restore the component. Even though I restore the component I still cannot delete the component from the first file.

Hi @Ricardo_Patta1 ,

Can you share your file or attach a screenshot?

Perhaps your component instance is locked?

I’m not able to delete this component and when I click “Go to main component” it takes me to another file and asks me to restore the compnent because it doesn’t exist anymore. But this action doesn’t allow me to delet the component from the first file. It is like a ghost component stucked in my file.

Ahh ok, now I understand. You need publish the file from where the components was deleted to remove it from the assets:


And when I don’t have access to the file anymore?

If you can’t get permission to access the file, you can perhaps just disable the library so it does not show up in your assets?

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