Components from a file that doesn't exist anymore

I have some components in a file and I can’t delete or rename them. Also when I click “Go to main component in library” it takes me to an old file and asks me if I want to restore the component. Even though I restore the component I still cannot delete the component from the first file.


Hi @Ricardo_Patta1 ,

Can you share your file or attach a screenshot?

Perhaps your component instance is locked?

I’m not able to delete this component and when I click “Go to main component” it takes me to another file and asks me to restore the compnent because it doesn’t exist anymore. But this action doesn’t allow me to delet the component from the first file. It is like a ghost component stucked in my file.

Ahh ok, now I understand. You need publish the file from where the components was deleted to remove it from the assets:


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And when I don’t have access to the file anymore?

If you can’t get permission to access the file, you can perhaps just disable the library so it does not show up in your assets?

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I also have this problem. A (button) component that was deleted from a library remains in the assets panel. Doing a search using a plugin (Instance Finder) finds zero results. Pulling the component out of the assets panels and selecting ‘go to main component’ takes you to the page where it used to be but it’s no longer there.

Even turning the library off in other files doesn’t remove it.


+1 Louis… not sure how I managed this, but here’s a video:

It seems like if you don’t have the source file open, it does what I posted above. If you do, it just takes you to the page of that file that’s currently open, and does nothing.

Ultimately… if this component was removed from the library… why is it even in the Assets panel at all??


I feel your pain. I dealt with this same problem for a couple of months until today.
I found a ‘hacky’ way to get rid of those ghost files.

  1. Drag the component you want to delete into your art board
  2. Right click on it and select ‘Go to main component’
  3. Right click on it (the component you just restored) and select ‘Flatten’
  4. Delete both the flattened image(s) + the initial component you dragged into your art board

It should remove it from your assets.

Give it a go and let me know if it works with you as well :slight_smile:
@Louis_Babinard @Ricardo_Patta1


Hi Armando! Just wanted to let you know that your hack saved me! I struggled so long with this problem! Thank you so much! :green_heart:

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@Armando_Breton … Point # 3 - 1. “Right click on the component group you just restored and select ‘Flatten’”

There is actually no component group in that file that is left to flatten. Can you clarify this, thanks

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Hi, @Abdullah_Malik
I’m talking about the component itself (the one you just dragged from your assets library into your art board).
If you need urgent help, I’m happy to jump in a call and clarify. My email is

P.S. I’m glad I could help @Kristina_Goryacheva

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Hey, @Armando_Breton figured it out. Thanks a bunchhh!!

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Hello !
I have the same problem as you.
I went to “Go to main component”, but in the file I saw nothing… I cannot “Restore the component”.

Hi everyone!

I have the same issue - I have a component which has been deleted from a library and we want it gone but it still comes up in the assets panel. When I drag it into my art board and click on ‘Go to the main component in library’ it asks me to restore it ( ‘Restore the main component to continue making edits to it’). However, I do not want to restore it.
Is there any way to get rid of it and make sure it doesn’t appear in the assets panel again as it just confuses other designers.

Thanks for your tips @Armando_Breton but is there any way to get rid of a component showing up in the assets panel without restoring it?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your tips :heartpulse:,


You must publish the update from the library (you will see the status “removed” next to the component name), and accept the update in your files that use this library.

Thanks @tank666, I’ve just tried that but unfortunately the component still shows up in the assets panel. :pensive:

Hello! Sorry I just read your message @Kopacz_Karolina ! Happy to jump into a video call and help :slight_smile: . Please send me your deets and the best times to chat to and I’ll send you an invite.

Are you still having a problem with it?