Components and colours - How to replicate?

Hello dear friends.
I’m a newbie,
Now I’m facing a lot of doubts with colours.
I realize that I can’t lose so much time in replicate the same colours wireframe after wireframe. So I made a research which indicates that I can use ctrl+ alt+ c /v to copy the proprieties … but it doesnt work at all. And it seems to be worse when i try to replicate a colour from an element to a component, doesn’t work at all!
How can I do that easily?

PS- I can duplicate the colours when the component / element is exactly the same… but I cant do that when there is a need to adapt these colours to a different one.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Claudia_Nunes !
Hmm it looks buggy. There are some users who got this issue, and managed to find a workaround by closing and re-opening the browser / desktop app:

Please try this workaround, and if you are still running into issues, please submit a bug report so we can investigate here. Thank you!