Component Set Text Property Cannot be Applied

I have a list component which I made an instance of and then made that instance a component to be able to create variants of.

Now I want to add a text property to the component set (variants) and link the list name to the text property.


However, the apply text property icon is not visible.


Note that text property works if I do not create a component from an instance and then create variants from that instance that is not a component.

Any ideas what could be done?

Add any required properties to the “list” component and then add exposed nested instances to your component set.

I will try to be more clear.


Let us say we have a button component (I will call it btn_c1). I make an instance of the button component and then turn that same instance to a component as well (I will call it btn_c2).

I made an instance from btn_c1

I made that instance a component as well (btn_c2)

Now I created component set from btn_c2

Why did I do this?

Because I want to be able to create variants from btn_c2, at the same time I want to be able to edit all of those variants by editing btn_c1.

So what is the problem here?

Now I want to add a text property to the variants of btn_c2. However, after adding it I cannot link it to any text.

Text property added to component set

Add text property button not showing

However, if I add a text property to btn_c1 and go back to btn_c2 this is what I get.

What I am trying to achieve

I want to be able to add a text property to the component set and link it with the text of each variant.


I personally do not understand your answer.

Maybe my question was not clear enough so I posted an update in the replays.



After fiddling around I actually done it. The link you have sent actually helped, thanks a lot.

That’s right, you can’t add a property to elements inside a nested instance, but you can show nested instance properties at the top level of the component. The text property of the component you need to add to “btn_c1” as you did in the next step.

Now select your “btn_c2” component set, under “Properties” click “+” and select “Nested instances”, then check the instances whose properties you want to show.

Create an instance of the component variant “btn_c2”, and check its exposed properties in the properties panel.

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Hello! I face the same problems described above (Add text property button not showing). Could you explain what you did to solve this? :slight_smile: @Kareem_Amr

Dude, somehow this was the clearest, yet, least intuitive comment to read. It was so straight forward that — to noobs like us — it made absolutely NO sense…

But I scrolled down a little further and saw another comment that said, “Hey, I tinkered around a bit and your link worked!” So I thought, “if they say so…” and boy-howdy, did your one sentence comment help me to improve 10x fold.

I traced the nested instance back to its main component and found the “text property” option over there. And then I realized what nesting properties is and how that works. And then realized that I actually wanted to detach the text component from its main component so I got more options and flexibility where I needed it.

Overall, very helpful response. Thanks.

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