Component search resets to previous value while using

for about 2 weeks I have the following problem: when i use the search to add a component from the Components panel, my input gets reset sometimes to the previous value once i stop typing… it doesn’t happen every time, but I couldn’t figure out a pattern that triggers the reset.


In the video you can see, that I’ve searched for “dash” and added a dashboard icon. After that, I open the components panel again and search for “commen” to add a comment icon, but once i stop typing and would like to add the icon, the input resets to “dash” and shows the results for that value…

Does anyone else have this problem and by chance was able to fix it already?


I am having the exact issue and I submitted a bug for it the other day Intermittent bug when inserting components - #3 by Jack_Brind1.
I went through the official channels and the response I had was that they couldn’t replicate but it is an actively open investigation. I hope the cause gets identified and it gets fixed soon, it is pretty frustrating sometimes!

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Hi @Christof_Flachsmann , thank you for reporting this. As @jackbrind mentioned, our development team is actively investigating the issue to determine its root cause and working towards a solution.


Thanks @jackbrind, lets hope there‘s a fix soon :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for the update.

Am looking forward to this being fixed - it’s getting fairly frustrating having to select all and retype my component names!

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