Component scroll behavior with exclamation - Not staying fixed when vertical scrolling

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I’ve been working in a frame where I placed two components that are supposed to be fixed when scrolling (one to the left: A navigation button that scroll sideways when clicked ), and an Upper bar that is supposed to be on the top of the screen every time I navigate trough scrolling

Last week both components where fixed and working as intended, however today they are not staying still when scrolling. After reading in multiple threads and tutorials I haven’t found the reason of why it stop working. I think it must be related to the fact that in the scroll behavior’s of the components there is a gray circle with an exclamation mark next to the Overflow.

I would appreciate if someone that had faced the same problem in the past could help me

Hint: In the design tab in the constrains section the check box that usually let you fix components s is gone.

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Here is a screenshot of the problem:

Remove the vertical overflow behavior and also set a fixed position. Both of these settings are visible in your screenshot.

Great! Thanks. It worked for the Navigation component. However now the Upper bar is another history: I Changed the overflow to vertical as you said in the answer, however it disappeared from the presentation mode.

Again, thanks for your help

This is a screenshot of the presentation mode:

Why are you even adding overflow behavior for objects that shouldn’t scroll? Set to “No scrolling”.

Make sure all required objects are inside this instance. Also check if the constraints are correct (the vertical value should be set to “Top”) for this instance.

Please see the Help Center article on scrolling and overflow behavior that I attached to the post above.

Thanks for the help tank!

Now is working!

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