Complex Button variant and properties

Hi all it’s been a while since I got to use variants and properties in Figma so I apologies for this simple question.

As per image:

On top the Button component
Down below the component stretched.
I would like to keep the angle/cut of the element 2 when I resize.
I would also like to have color properties changing for element 1 and 3
and also that the button stretches when text is longer

What’s the best approach to do this with variants and properties?
I set property for element 1 and 3 to be shown or not but how can I also add color variations just for those 2 elements?


In fact, this is not difficult to do. You can see and duplicate my example file here:

You can change the color as usual—by changing it in the master component or overriding it in the button component or its instances.

Thanks Tank666, got it. Basically you assemble the button “css” stile with 3 elements not by cutting the main shape for the button.

Don’t know why but I remembered you could just stop anchor points from moving.

All clear thanks

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