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Community page not scrolling bug

**1. I am not able to scroll on the community page. to fix this I have to go back to the previous page and then come back to the original page **

2. The issue only happening in the desktop app and on chrome as well.

3. I am using Windows 10 and google chrome(latest version)?


I have the same problem.
In the desktop app on Windows 10.

Same here in Brave. No fix? - restarting Figma fixed it

Same on Mac

I’m also facing same issue Using figma desktop app windows10 Please remove this Bug

Same here, Desktop App - OSX

It seems to happen once you select and view an item then return to the main section of wherever you are in community. Once you return, scrolling disappears. Restarting does restore scrolling until you repeat those steps.

Same here have to keep restarting Figma in order to enable scrolling.

So much cool stuff that i just cant see :sob:

You can also right click the tap and hit “reload tab” instead of restarting Figma – that fixes it for me.