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Community page not scrolling bug

**1. I am not able to scroll on the community page. to fix this I have to go back to the previous page and then come back to the original page **

2. The issue only happening in the desktop app and on chrome as well.

3. I am using Windows 10 and google chrome(latest version)?


I have the same problem.
In the desktop app on Windows 10.

Same here in Brave. No fix? - restarting Figma fixed it

Same on Mac

I’m also facing same issue Using figma desktop app windows10 Please remove this Bug

Same here, Desktop App - OSX

It seems to happen once you select and view an item then return to the main section of wherever you are in community. Once you return, scrolling disappears. Restarting does restore scrolling until you repeat those steps.

Same here have to keep restarting Figma in order to enable scrolling.

So much cool stuff that i just cant see :sob:

You can also right click the tap and hit “reload tab” instead of restarting Figma – that fixes it for me.

M1 mac figma app not scrolling in community page. Quit app open it will fix it.

Quitting and restarting Figma didn’t help, after a while it comes back. I have to reload the tabs each time scrolling freezes. Quite annoying.

I have the same issue sporadically on osx, I have to quit/restart the app.

It also happens on other screens… driving me nuts :-/

When switching back and forth from Community to my template I find that if I search the community, select one, copy the object to my project; that if I go back and try to see other templates, that the interface no longer scrolls to show me more

Hi @Dan19,

I can’t seem to reproduce this issue on my desktop app using my MacBook. What troubleshooting step have you tried so far?

  • logging out and back in
  • clearing your desktop app’s cache
  • un-installing and re-installing the desktop app

Sometimes when I make a search on the community in the desktop app, the scroll stops working. I’m not able to scroll down or up anymore. I have to close the app and re-run before it start working again.This text will be hidden.

  • I’m on windows 10 professionnal
  • Figma 102.9.0

MacBook pro 2016 If you return to the community home page after viewing an item in full screen, you will not be able to scroll the page.

I confirm: this happened to me once. Community page just didn’t react to scrolling in any way. I don’t remember if reloading the page fixed it but restarting Figma definitely did.


Yes :). I do like that, to reload the page :slight_smile:

A have the same problem in browser (Mozilla Firefox) and OSX app. Problem appears when i open file from community page and then go back.