Comments pinned to a frame should follow when frame moved to another page

You can now pin a comment to a top-level frame, which is great.
Move the frame on the canvas, and the comment follows the frame.
However, move the frame to another page (eg. cut/paste) and the comment remains on the original page.


It would be great add this functionality


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Hi. So it’s a bit hidden but if you right click on the selected artboard(s) > move to page > [name of page], the comments should follow.


Interesting. Not obvious at all. It did work, but also users should be able to copy/paste and duplicate the comments when moving.

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I’m not sure why it says this topic has been resolved when there are still some big issues with pinning comments. Figma please create a solution for managing comments with ever evolving and changing designs. If comments could be pinned to frames and move with them that would be so helpful. Thank you in advance!