Comment feature time and date

When looking at comments we only see ‘2 month ago’. The problem with this is we can’t be time and date specific when clients dispute things, which can happen a lot.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 11.06.54

It would be very handy to have the date and time log per comment, this could perhaps be displayed smaller somewhere or as a tooltip when hovering ‘2 months ago’


This would also be useful for finding previous versions around the exact time of a comment, to see to what the comment was referring.

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Currently only relative time for a comment is shown, e.g., “2 months ago.”
Adding the actual date/time stamp (maybe as a hover?) would be really helpful when comments need to be correlated with events outside of the Figma file (e.g., before or after that review meeting? in Q2 or in Q3? etc.)
This was previously requested Comment feature time and date but the request was closed on Jan 14 2022.


This is an important feature that is missing from the current version. We really need to be able to see the dates of the comments made in order to check the relevancy. Requesting the Figma team to look into this.