Command to disable snapping

I’m pretty sure holding command while dragging a layer used to disable snapping and smart guides temporarily, but now it shows a little down arrow next to the cursor and does not disable snapping.

Was this an intentional change, and is there a way to momentarily disable snapping?

Are you able to share a screenshot or recording of what you’re seeing?

Yeah here’s a video Screen Recording 2021-02-16...

Are you unable to reproduce this? You just hold command while dragging a layer and you’ll still see smart guides.

No, there was no feature like this. You are probably confusing it with holding Cmd/Ctrl when resizing the object to ignore constraints in the frame you are resizing. When you drag objects with Cmd/Ctrl, it forces them to nest in frames underneath, even if the object is larger than the frame. Hence the arrow icon.

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This should be a feature, go vote for it here! :slight_smile:

This fonction is available in sketch, illustrator, photoshop, protopie and much more…
Why not in Figma… Essential for sketching icons and tiny symbols.