Changing the default interaction from "on drag" to "on click"

I am trying to understand why this topic was closed without a reply, but I have the same problem here, and it’s annoying as Timothy_Greig mentioned.

What is needed to be done to solve this?

Please only close the topic after answering.


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The default interaction trigger is “On click/tap”. If you see an “On drag” trigger after creating an interaction, it usually means that an “On click” trigger has already been added to this object (look at the right panel). And, as you know, you cannot add two “On click” triggers to the same object, so an interaction is created with the next trigger.

It would be very helpful if you could attach a video of how you add the interactions where the right panel (Prototype tab) is also visible.

Clarification on a closed topic
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Hi @tank666 thanks for replying!
Yes, it happens the way you’ve mentioned, the thing is, I don’t want to use “On drag”.
The system arbitrarily adds “On drag” and “On click” when I create a new interaction, so I always have to delete on drag and set up “On click”, I do this about hundred times a day, it’s not productive.
The right behavior IMO should be, not to add “On drag” at all, just “on click” which is the most used type of interaction.
If a workaround exists to change that, I’ll be glad to do it.


There are no workarounds. Just check the list of interactions in the right panel in advance that have already been added to this object, and only then add a new one or edit an existing one.

In my opinion, if an element has an onlick event on it and if I relink it, it should change the link, not add a extra onDrag event. I’m so tired of deleting onDrag events.

Hope it can me improved in next releases.


Yes, this! I’ve noticed it’s when I duplicate a frame, it remembers that there was originally an interaction on it (On Click), but nothing is connected anymore. So then when I go to add a (new-to-me) connection, it thinks I want to add an On Drag interaction. So frustrating.


Agree - this is REALLY annoying.

This happens for me when I have never used the on drag interaction…ever…

How to stop???

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I am seeing this issue as well when I copy a frame from a different file that already had an on click interaction.