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Changing the default interaction from "on drag" to "on click"?

Is there a way to change the default interaction connection from “on drag” to “on click”?

Why is it always there by default whenever I create a new connection?

Surely there’s some setting that I’m overlooking… or some way that I’m making the connection that is wrong… but my process usually looks like:

  1. Create the interaction connection between two frames (which makes a drag interaction)
  2. Open the interaction details panel
  3. Remove the click interaction
  4. Change the drag interaction to click
  5. Remove the default drag interaction that was added

I do this about 70 times per day when I’m prototyping, and it’s pretty annoying.

There’s probably a simple fix to stop this happening, but I can’t figure it out. Please help. :sweat_smile:


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