Changing Components States Through Variables Not Resetting Playback

I’m currently trying to create some sort of playlist component with playback functionality.

As showcased on this video, when managing components states indirectly through variables, I expected to see interactions behave the same way as when using direct triggers.
When using arrows with “Key/Gamepad” interactions both the state an the audio/video playback changes the way expected.

As of now I’ve already tried to:

    • Manually keep track and update audio playback state by setting up flags such as “#Track1PB” and conditional functions with Play/Pause/Toggle for each track.
    • Removing instances from one variant to another instead of just hiding/showing
    • Enabling/Disabling “Reset video state” option for direct interactions/triggers.

In all my attempts I ended up with all my Audio/Video layers playing at once.

A similar problem happens with looped transitions. If a component variant have some kind of animation (a loader for example), cycling between variants through variables will not trigger the animation again. It will be stuck at the first frame.

Hey @Andre_Constancio – checked in with our support team on this one, and something does seem off regarding the behavior you showed in your video.

I’m going to DM you to get you set up with a support ticket. Someone on our tech quality team will get in touch to help you specifically in your instance.

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