Change the order of exposed nested instances

It doesn’t look like there’s an obvious way to change the order of exposed nested instances. Right now the order seems to be based on reverse layer order. It’d be great if the order can be manually adjusted.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 11.44.08 AM


Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 16.45.09

I was also looking for a solution for this issue. With regular properties I can see the “draggable” handle. But with a nested instanced there is nothing on hover. I’m wondering if this was the intension from Figma side or it’s just the beta issue?


I don’t get why the order is layer-reverse, it’s very counter intuitive to have the list reversed compared to what you see on the canvas and layer panel.


Here’s a duplicate.

Yes, please! We’ve been leveraging this feature for things like Dropdown Menu options (and the options have props which are nested). The issue with that is, one of the more important nested props, gets shoved all the way to the bottom of the options list of props. Thus, risking the designer/consumer totally missing it without any guidance.

See this example, where we have one unique nested prop for scrolling, that gets pushed too the very bottom:

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This is a weird one because I can’t decipher how they’re organized - they’re not by layer order OR reverse layer order for me, they seem just scattershot as to how they’re listed. Feels like there needs to be a way to manually order them OR at least tell us how they’re being organized so we can find a workaround.

Still no workaround?

I did some testing and it looks like the nested instances properties are ordered based on the order that they appear on the final component, from top to bottom. Changing the position of the component instances in the final component also changes the order of the nested properties.
Knowing this doesn’t help much because for example if you have a text input with a Label, Input Container and Helper text on the bottom, you cant change the position of these instances.


Just wanted to +100 this request. Exposing nested props is what makes Figma super scalable with complex Design System components (e.g., molecules, organisms, templates) and not being able to control the order of these props almost defeat the whole purpose as these props will bounce around based on variants & sub-variants…
:pray: Please Figma team!

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hey nasgary thanks for investigating. i don’t quite understand what you mean by “order that they appear on the final component”, you mean the order in terms of x y coordinates inside the component?

I mean the physical order that they are in from top to bottom, if you move a nested component to the bottom, the nested component properties also appear on the bottom.
If you look at the screenshot i posted above, you can see that when Comp 1 is on the top of the list, its properties also appears on top in the properties panel.