Change Text Style Fonts in Bulk

We use a base template for creating similar layouts. I duplicate this template and then modify it to suit each client. Is there really no way to replace the base font in each text style in bulk?

Currently the only way I can do it is to manually click the settings icon next to each text style and then search the font list with a text string, click on the font and then pick bold/regular again. Currently the template has about 38 text styles that need changing, so you can imagine how tedious this becomes in my workflow. Most clients use maybe 1-2 fonts and I can quickly bulk replace those with a few clicks.

I tried some font replacers, but they all break the text style link, so that is useless. I need to just bulk change the styles.

This seems like an oversight.

Hi @john-mainboard ,
Thank you for your feedback, we’ll pass it along to our team for consideration.
In the meantime, I switched your topic to “Shared an Idea” so we can gauge the overall interest in the community!
(You can also check the plugins created by the users in the community that may help you here)

Hi. Thanks.

The plugin you linked renames the Title of a Style, so it doesn’t actually change the style itself. I’m talking about the actual FONT inside each style. That you currently have no solution for, because if you use a plugin to rename the font, it breaks the style. So the only solution is for me to spend 20 minutes to edit each style, type in the new font name and select it and change the Bold, Italics, Regular to match those found in the new font.

Ahh, I misread this plugin. Thanks for the clarification, we’ll pass it to our team as a feature request!

There is a plug-in names Styler. Give it a go. You can extract existing text styles into layers, detach them, change font family on all layers in bulk and run Styler again to update existing text styles

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Yes! Styler works. Thanks!

The best plugin is “Batch Styler” That one can change the styles immediately in batch, with just a few clicks to change the font and then directly UPDATE the styles.

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